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STANDARD Mattress suitable for all our beds except the Exeter and Lifestyle. 200 x 90 x 15cm Pattern and colour may vary.
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This is our standard mattress for most of our childrens beds. Although we make all the beds we do not manufacture the mattress, but for your convenience we offer a mattress that can be delivered with our beds. 

This Mattress is suitable for all our beds except the 'Lifestyle

The M2270 and M1730 High Bed bed need to have a mattress with a maximum 15cm thickness to ensure that the safety rail height is at its ideal level, this mattress ensures that height is retained.

Models M1400W or M1400B need to have a mattress with a maximum thickness of 10cm, therefore this one must not be used.

The approved beds take upto 200 x 90cm mattress.

This Mattress is suitable for all our beds except the 'Lifestyle

The reason is that Model M1400 meets the British Standard (and European Standard) if the safety rail is of a minimum height, the achieve that height the mattress on Model 1400 should not exceeed 10cm thick. This standard only applies to beds with a bed base higher than 80cm from the floor. (Models M1730 and M2270 have higher safety rails and therefore can be used with a 15cm thick mattress).

BEDS WHICH CAN BE CONSIDERED FOR USE WITH THIS MATTRESS; M0370, M0380, M0870, M2290, M0200, M0220, M0132, M0180, M1610.

We have a number of midi height beds including models M0870 and M2290, plus our Fun Bed range which includes the Fire Engine, My Little House, Cottage, Princess, Castle, Football, etc which are between 100cm and 110cm high. These beds to not have to meet the British Standard for safety rail height. It is therefore your decision on the mattress thickness, for higher beds the safety rail has to be a minimum of 16cm above the top of the mattress. With a 15cm thick mattress on these beds the safety rail will be reduced to between 11 and 12cm.


Bonell spring units/ Cross spring: Steel
Comfort material: Felt liner
Protective fabric: Stitch bonded
Ticking: 80% 20% viscose

Pattern and colour may vary.